sabato 9 giugno 2018 pinsa, tango, milonga, esibizione a tanguera c/o arca estate roma

Sabato 9 giugno Pinsa all’Aperto, Milonga Special Guests Samantha Dispari & Santiago Fina (Lez.+Show), TDj Venturini @Tanguera c/o Arca Estate

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Artisti Tango Cena Tango Cocktail Milonga Esibizione Tango Lezione Tango Lezione Tango Open Class Milonga Roma Milonga, Tango Pinsa Tango Show Tango Tango Argentino Tango Milonga All inclusive Tango Roma Tango Salsa
Arca Dancing, 146, Via degli Angeli, Municipio Roma V, Roma, RM, LAZ, 00169, Italia Mappa

Sabato 9 giugno 2018 Pinsa, Milonga Special Guests Samantha Dispari & Santiago Fina (*) (Lezione+Esibizione), TDj Resident Walter Venturini @Tanguera ESTATE di Eduardo Manfredi in coll. Patrizia Messina – c/o Arca Social Club (parcheggio interno). Dopo la mezzanotte Cornetti per Tutti. Prenotazione per i Tavoli e la Pinsa (si mangia all’aperto) al numero 335.591.3434

Promozione Tango+Salsa: richiedi a Tanguera il timbro e paghi l’ingresso della Salsa all’Arca (sala all’aperto) a soli +2€

Milonga Itinerante su facebook *** prenota al 335.591.3434 *** visita il sito:

sabato 9 giugno 2018 pinsa, tango, milonga, esibizione a tanguera c/o arca estate roma


20.30_22.00 – Pinsa servita tavoli all’aperto
21.00_22.15 – Lezione Tango “Catene combinate nel senso sociale” Open Class diff. progressiva con Samantha Dispari & Santiago Fina
22.15_03.30 – Milonga Tradizionale TDj Resident Walter Venturini
dopo la mezzanotte Esibizione Samantha Dispari & Santiago Fina

Tessera Inclusa
Contributo Associativo
>> Serata 10€ / con drink +2€
>> Lezione 20€ omaggio milonga

Pinsa a partire da +6€ solo su prenotazione 335.591.3434
Menù Pepe Tuscolana ~

Tanguera di Eduardo Manfredi
c/o Arca Social Club – parcheggio interno
Via degli Angeli 146 (metro A fermata arco di travertino)

Milonga Itinerante
Patrizia Messina 335.591.3434
– mypresSpat/ufficio-stampa/onLine –

(*) Samantha Dispari and Santiago Fina are a couple of life and dance since 2011. From that moment they have developed various activities related to Tango Dance, among them are the tours in Brazil 2012, 2013 and 2014, Europe 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, India 2017, Chile 2013 and numerous presentations at milongas of Buenos Aires (over 80 presentations), regular classes and seminars in Capital Federal and Buenos Aires while they staying in Argentina.
His style: with strong experience and continuous development in the "Tango de Salón" and "Tango Fantasía de Salón", thanks to the expressiveness of their presentations, elegance, sensuality and musicality with technical precision dancing and a big heart, are one of the couples beloved by the Argentine milonga´s public. Their classes and presentations are being of the most popular of the moment. They are specialized in using natural techniques, clear and didactic explanations, traditional style, enclosed and front embrace and expression of feelings to the development of dance on each couple.
Previously, both developed their careers in the tango dance until they met in 2011 and decided to do it together.
Formed in the heart of one of the most renowned tango families, Samantha Dispari, stands out among his peers and has regular classes and seminars since the early age of 15 years. Also conducted tours of various countries in the years 2006, 2009 and 2011, covering the following countries: Chile, Greece, Italy, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.
Also featured in numerous exhibitions in most of milongas with different dance partners.
She has participated in Tango shows in the cities of Rosario and Buenos Aires.
Santiago Fina, offers regular Tango classes and seminars since 2009. Outstanding among his peers since its beginning, was summoned to participate in numerous tango shows as a principal dancer, having been presented at leading Tango houses: Café Los 36 Billares, Confitería Ideal, Taconeando (la Vereda de Beba), esquina Homero Manzi y La Casa de Anibal Troilo among others.
At that time, he has performed in numerous milongas with different dance partners.